The scent of sweet citrus and cool mint fills the kitchen of a little girl who carefully makes soap. Primal Elements originated in this kitchen long ago in Hantington Beach, Southern California.

  Primal Elements has grown into a large company today, but still sticks to the traditional hand-made method of making vegetable glycerin soaps.

  Founded in 1993, Primal Element conceives the concept of'Soap-by-the-Inch', a customized service, and creates a sensation with a wonderful scent, surprisingly rich amount of soap bubbles, and a fine and firm feeling like a fresh cream.
  In 1999, we expanded our product line to create a'color bowl' that revolutionized the candle industry.

  In particular, the patented Parage technology with natural wax and transparent jelly flakes creates a fantastic stained glass effect and prolongs burning time the moment the color bowl is lit. In addition, the successive superheat of'Sugar Whip' and'Moisturizing Lotion' greatly enhances the status of the primal element.

  Primal Elements, which is expanding its business worldwide today, is still committed to providing the highest quality products using natural plant ingredients. Primal Element is also passionate about making efforts to add joy and happiness to our customers' lives under the corporate philosophy of putting nature and people first.

  Through these efforts, Faith and Scott Freeman were honored with the'Best Entrepreneur Award' from'Ernst and Young' in June 2000, and recently entered the'Whole Foods Market', which only sells organic natural products based on strict standards. Its quality is recognized.

 PRIMAL ELEMENT will continue to preserve the noble values ​​accumulated so far...
We will protect nature and for our children.